White Pages UK

White pages UK can be used to find someone’s current telephone number and address. The white pages work by filling in two fields and letting the system you are using do the rest. Some of the best providers of telephone numbers and addresses are available through the advertisements on this page; please consider clicking them as they help keep the site free for people to use.

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A white pages search is basically a search of a surname in a particular area, the searches will come back with any matches, so if you did a search for Brown in Leeds you would get lots of matches and they would be presented by A Browns through to Z Browns. If you wanted a more accurate result you could pick an area of Leeds and see if that helps.

White pages searches are a popular way to find out where people live and what their telephone numbers are. It is always worth doing a White Pages search should you want to find someone you have lost touch with.
You can perform White Pages searches in most countries, if the country is not English speaking you can usually click on a Union Jack Flag on the home page and be transferred to an English version of the site, this can be useful for finding people abroad.

If you need further help to locate someone you could try a People Finder service

Good luck with your White Pages UK Search.