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People Search UK is a UK based website that aims to help you with searching for people you’ve lost touch with, lost relatives and others you have lost touch with. It has been put together by a team of professional People Search UK experts who have years of experience, they have collectively found over 5000 people in the UK, from lost friends and family to debtors and land owners. They will show you how you can use the internet to find anyone you have lost touch with. If you are looking for a paid service to a person you’ve lost touch with click here to find someone now

When you try to find a person you have lost touch with it can be REALLY confusing. That’s why we’re here, to help you alleviate some of the confusion around searching for people on the internet. So how do we do that? Firstly we recommend trustworthy websites that we feel really add something to the People Searching space in the UK. Secondly we offer advice on how you can find people you have lost touch with yourself, this is the best way if you have plenty of time. Some people think that if they are looking for a person themselves it’s going to be cheaper than using a tracing agent but the truth is, it’s much the same. Good data costs money to obtain so there will be a cost at some point.

So what are the best places online to help you with a people search in the UK?

1. Best Done For You People Search Service – FinderMonkey

FinderMonkey are the UK’s leading people tracing service. If you are looking for a person who you have lost touch with then FinderMonkey is the place to go. They specialise in finding old friends and lost relatives for around £200. The advantages of using FinderMonkey for a people search are the fact that it’s a fixed price and the results are guaranteed. You supply the details of the person you are looking for and then sit back and they do the rest. You’ll be seeing FinderMonkey on your TV soon as they have recently been involved with documentary about tracing family members (like we said they are the leading tracing service in the UK). To talk to them phone 0113 2825900 or visit FinderMonkey People Tracing Service

2. Best Contact Register

If you want to add your details to a UK contact register then The Contact Register  is the largest in the UK with over 140,000 registered people on their database. You can people search the register for the person you are looking for and you can add your details to the register too. You can also communicate with other likeminded people on their forum.

3. Best Free Site

People Search UK of course! We’re here to offer you the best hints and tips to help you with your people search and for free where we can. Want some hints and tips now? Ok here we go…

We would presume that you’ve already tried Facebook to find your person. Facebook is a fab way to find out what’s happened to someone. It’s the biggest website of people in the UK so you should start there. You’ve probably already tried Facebook but did you know that you can search via a mobile number and also an email address. If the person you are looking for is not on Facebook you can try a people search on Google. Put the person’s name into the Google search bar along with the city they live in or their hobby or their job title or anything else and if there is any mention of them on a webpage it will appear. It sounds a bit abstract but its been known to work on some really difficult searches so it’s worth a try. Keep reading because we’ve plenty more tips and advice.



We’ve been asked if we can recommend a UK People Search company that specialises in searching for people throughout the UK… Well we can!

If you’re thinking seriously about finding a lost relative or an old friend we would highly recommend FinderMonkey – The People Who Find People. They’re the leading tracing service in the UK and find people within a matter of days.

If you are looking for the UK’s largest contact register for people who are looking for people then the biggest one with 143,000 members is The Contact Register

How People Search UK Can Help You…

People Search UK can help you in two ways, firstly, we have articles about finding people for free that you can read through, these are written by our experienced people search UK experts. Many people want to find people for free themselves and these pages have been designed for you to use yourself. Secondly we have mentioned some really great services, we have linked to them so you can go straight to their People Search UK sites.

We have also created a number of guides to help you find people for free.

People Search UK Find the People who are important to you with People Search UK

These guides include topics such as

  • Finding old friends using the internet
  • Finding old friends and family
  • Land Registry Online
  • Who Owns Property
  • Land Law
  • Phone number Search
  • 2015 Electoral Roll
  • Reverse Mobile number search
  • Mobile number search
  • Debtor Tracing UK

And answers questions like

  • How can I find someone I have lost touch with?
  • How to find old friend?
  • People Search UK Prisons
  • People Search UK Electoral Roll

Plus lots more.

If you need to find family and friends or if you need some further help – Check out this video

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Searching for People is a great hobby and the more old friends you find the more you will want to find. If you need to find a specific person for a more serious reason such as a debtor or a family member you will still find lots of useful people search information on this site. Finding people for free is important to a lot of people who are searching for someone in the UK, you can do this and there are methods on this site to show you exactly how to find people for free but it is not always easy. You may be better of considering having a small budget to help you locate people, for example you may find that if you spend a few pound performing various People Search UK Searches you will move your search forward much more quickly. You may need access to Electoral Roll Searches, Birth, Deaths and Marriage records and family tree information depending on who you are looking for and why. There are so many reasons why we perform People Search UK searches.

Many people are using our website to help them locate people they have lost touch with. We try and supply as much information regarding People Search UK as we can but this is not always easy as so many services cost money and try to help for free as much as we can. This site has been put together by several part time researchers and we really hope that you find it useful.

If you are looking for someone you’ve lost touch with it can be a difficult time of your life. You can get down about the fact that you are not in contact with them and you can become frustrated with your search efforts. Remember that someone out there will know where your person is and what’s happened to them so keep positive. Sometimes searches can take years, if its becoming a problem for you, you can speak to people or if you can afford it you can use a tracing agent to find your person quickly.

Search for people in the UK is interesting and enjoyable. Many people enjoy looking at old records and trying to piece together details of who they are searching for. Other people are desperate to find a special person who is missing from their life, this could be a birth parent or a long lost family member. These people would be encouraged to use a professional tracing agent to find exactly who they are looking for as they are not going to take much pleasure from the searching only from the knowing. Whatever your situation we hope you find something that will help you with your people search.

Finding people you have lost touch with is a great way to spend some time and now the internet has made it such a simple process. We hope you enjoy our people search uk website and find the information that leads to you been reunited with your missing family and friends.

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Good Luck with your People Search UK